The hits keep coming!

Laura Ingraham revealed two more huge red flags that have popped up in the past 24 hours regarding the Parkland, Florida school massacre and I have another two of my own to add.

Red Flag #1. Bodycams. As we suspected and reported in prior articles, the deputies who did not enter the building while Nikolas Cruz was slaughtering high school kids did not enter on orders from above.

This is exactly what we believed would be revealed, as there is simply no way all four deputies on site at the time of the shooting were all cowards.

We don’t know who gave that order, just that the order came from higher, which means it should have been Sheriff Israel. If there was someone else who gave that order, then Israel should be fired, as he should have been in command of the operation. Actually, he should have been at the school, leading the operation, which brings up another question – where was Sheriff Israel during the attack?

Here is the big red flag – the deputies who were at the school while the massacre was underway have reported that they were ordered to not enter the building without bodycams, and they didn’t have bodycams.

WHAT!? Whoever gave that order, and again, it had to be Israel, so obviously had to know that they had no bodycams. It appears someone from higher up didn’t want them to find and kill the murderer. Why not?

By the way, I am not holding these deputies blameless. All four should have ignored that order and gone into the building anyway. Why didn’t they? They thought their jobs were more important than 17 dead teenagers? I don’t believe that!

Red Flag #2. Radio communications. It is also being reported that there was no radio communication during the attack. Radio communication was dead. That would be highly unusual. Police departments have the very best radio communication equipment available.

If there was no radio communications during the attack, how did the deputies receive orders to not enter the building without bodycams? Cell phone? Carrier pigeon? Again, where was Sheriff Israel during this time, hiding under his desk?

By the way, Scott Israel and the Broward Sheriff’s Department also botched the response to the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Airport massacre that left five dead. Their excuse? Radio communication went dead.

Red Flag #3. Deputy Petersen’s movement. It has been reported that Deputy Scot Peterson, the School Resource Officer, was inside the school dealing with a female student when the firing started. He then ran outside. Why? Why didn’t he run toward the firing and neutralize the killer? Is he truly a coward? He denies that.

Red Flag #4. Cruz capture. Cruz was reportedly captured off campus walking down the street. He was unarmed. Where is the murder weapon? Didn’t police set up an immediate perimeter to keep the killer from escaping the crime scene? How did Cruz leave the school without being seen?

The involvement of the Broward Sheriff’s Office in this tragic episode is beginning to stink to high Heaven. Every question that is answered raises two more.

This now appears to much more than incompetence. Authorities should now be looking at charges of criminal negligence.

Update: There is another red flag developing. The greatest beneficiary of this tragedy has been the Democrat Party, which was on the verge of bankruptcy in January with a reported $6 million of debt and not nearly enough in income to cover it. They are now said to be in the black again due to the Parkland school massacre cash bonanza and an expertly-manipulated gun control campaign. I know. It is a sick thought, but Democrats are sick people and that is just the way they roll.