If this weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

David Hogg, whose Indian name is Chickenlittleshit, tweeted Alex Jones offering to come on his show and tell him what a “shit journalist” and “snake oil” salesman he is.

Then something Hogg didn’t expect happened. Despite the lies and insults from Chickenlittleshit, Jones accepted hisĀ challenge, inviting him on the show.

Like all liberal weenies who have been called out, Hogg, knowing he couldn’t defend his ridiculous position, declined the invitation. After all the tough guy threats, lies, and insults, Chickenlittleshit ran and hid.

Then, totally unexpected by Hogg, Alex Jones accepts the challenge….


And what do we hear from tough guy Hogg…. CRICKETS!


Now, practically begging Hogg to come on his show, Alex extends his invitation once again….


Only to have Chickenlittleshit run away like a terrified rabbit….