HUGE BACKFIRE! Since being attacked 24/7 by leftist liars, NRA membership interest has skyrocketed

Liberals could tear up an anvil with a banana. Everything they attempt to do blows up in their faces like a gag cigar. The liberal weenies figured they could attack the NRA, making it the villain in the Parkland, Florida […]

Delta rescinded its NRA discount, losing a $40 million tax break. Guess how many NRA members used the discount. I wonder if the Delta CEO can spell STUPID?

“Hey, look at us! See how cool and progressive and politically correct we are?” seemed to be Delta’s message. Well, those at the top of the Delta organization may be cool and progressive and politically correct, but they aren’t very smart!

VIDEO: “Liars to the core!” NRA chief slams Schumer for not allowing mental health records in gun background checks as he promised 25 years ago

“Now, here’s the real tragedy – Charles Schumer shook my hand to get all the mental health records into the system, and then he went back to Capitol Hill and you know what he did? Absolutely nothing! How many lives might have been saved if he had just kept his promise? They are liars to the core!”

These boots were made for genocide. Nancy Sinatra says all five million “murderous members” of the NRA “should face a firing squad”

Photo, above: Nancy Sinatra, looking like death warmed over herself these days, believes all NRA members should be executed.