Pew Research study concludes US media most biased (dishonest) in the world

I don’t think we really needed a research study to prove that America’s mainstream media is the most biased and dishonest media of any country on the planet, but Pew Research gave us one, anyway.

Wow! For the second time is four days, President Trump is slammed by the media for not demanding the death penalty for a guy already dead

World-class moron and Trump hater, Keith Olbermann, just tweeted his stupidity to the world, noting that President Trump is a “pig” for not demanding the death penalty for Devin Kelley, the Texas church mass murderer, who is already dead.

Liberal weenie MSM reporter slammed President Trump for not demanding the death penalty for the Las Vegas mass murderer, who is already dead

Stokols’ condemnation of the president centered around the fact that President Trump did not demand the death penalty for Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer, who is already dead. He was attempting to paint President Trump as a racist who would condemn a Muslim to death but not a “white person.”

Remember this name. Matt Bradley. Store it in that deep dark corner you reserve for other foul pieces of sh!t

NBC’s Matt Bradley, who I have never heard of before, is suggesting that President Trump’s motive for helping little Charlie Gard stay alive is nothing more than a political calculation.

VIDEO: Mainstream media devotes 28 times more coverage to President’s Mika tweet than to the historic passage of Kate’s Law

Mainstream media was all about President Trump’s critical tweet of MSNBC chair sitter Mika Bzrzxdyjkwzhzinski, Joe Scarborough’s easily forgettable straight man and hosebag du jour.

VIDEO: Mainstream media ignoring the apparently illegal Rice involvement in Wiregate

I have no idea how these so-called media outlets survive unless of course, the Democrat Party and/or its backers are paying them. Nah, they would never do that, would they?

VIDEO: Wow! German journalist who blew the whistle on the CIA’s media control drops dead at 56

A popular German journalist who blew the whistle on the CIA’s control of the media has dropped dead at the age of 56 of a heart attack…. just like Andrew Breitbart. Just a coincidence, right?

VIDEO: Donald Trump has received over four times as much network TV coverage as Hitlery. The problem is a stunning 91% of it has been openly “hostile” or “negative”

There has been four times as much negative network TV coverage of Trump than there has been of Hitlery over the past 12 weeks. 91% of Trump coverage has been hostile or negative.