THIS is the state of today’s mainstream media, aka Democrat Party Communications Bureau.

Matt Bradley works for NBC. Don’t laugh, “works” is simply a figure of speech.

A few days ago Powdered Wig covered the story of baby Charlie Gard of the UK, desperately in need of medical treatment to stay alive, which is not available in Europe. However, lifesaving treatment may very well be available in the United States if only Charlie’s EU Big Brother would see it fit that he be allowed to go there. His parents have the money, so what is the problem?

Alas, EU’s Big Brother death panel has decided that little Charlie is expendable and must die (anyone else thinking Obamacare?).

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But wait! Riding in on a white horse as he has done so many times as a civilian, Donald Trump is coming to Charlie’s rescue, to see that he is given another chance to live, to take advantage of American medical research that may save his life.

There is a precious life at stake here and Charlie has found a champion who may save it, except the American mainstream media is wrapped up in Trump hatred and like the EU death panel, is more than willing to sacrifice Charlie’s life or anyone’s life, to get a pound of flesh from Donald Trump.

NBC’s Matt Bradley, who I have never heard of before, is suggesting that President Trump’s motive for helping little Charlie Gard stay alive is nothing more than a political calculation.

The good news is Bradley’s 14 viewers possess the combined IQ of a swarm of gnats.

If you have any sense of self-pride, do not watch the following…. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC.

Here, Milton Bradley explains what he sees as President Trump’s political calculation to co-Trump hater, Hallie Jackson, who we also had never heard of until a few days ago when she had a bit of a nasal problem. You can find that video here.

From The Daily Caller

NBC’s Matt Bradley accused Donald Trump Monday of using Charlie Gard’s parents’ grief in order to further his own political agenda, reports

Trump tweeted earlier that day that he would be “delighted” to help Charlie Gard, a U.K. infant who has been sentenced to die by the British courts.

Gard has a mitochondrial disease that has rendered him critically ill, and his parents wish to bring him to the United States for experimental treatment. However, British courts have declined the parents’ request to move their child and have granted doctors the right to end Gard’s life-sustaining treatment at any time.

Bradley, an NBC reporter out of London, said that depending on how you feel about Trump, you may view his tweet one of two ways.

The more charitable option, he explained, is that the president genuinely wants to help Gard.

“Now, depending on how you see this, Hallie, depending really on your impressions of Mr. Trump beforehand, you could either decide that this is the president selflessly stepping in to help grieving parents who are experiencing a terrible, wrenching pain and a baby who has a very rare, very difficult to treat illness,” he offered.

However, Bradley also suggested that their may be a more sinister motive to Trump’s tweet.

“Or,” he continued, “You could decide that this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain and weighing into a situation that was very much a national and European issue and not one we would expect anything from an American politician.”

“But again,” Bradley said, “it all depends on how you look at it.”