Radio talk show host Larry Elder laid the smackdown on the Trump-haters who slam everything President Trump does and/or his family does. It is actually nauseating.

President Trump could find a cure for cancer and his haters would say, “Oh, great! Way to go, moron. Did you ever stop to think of how many doctors and nurses are going to be in the unemployment line? Of course you didn’t, because you are STUPID!” Really! They would say that. Or, “Wonderful! Nature had population control all worked out. Now, you go and screw it up. You ASSHOLE!

In a tweet, Elder declared, “Sorry, anti-Trumpsters, @FLOTUS and @Ivanka Trump=closest to Jackie and Princess Di the world’s seen since Jackie and Princess Di. Don’t hate.

I agree and have been saying the same thing since the now-famous escalator ride. Pure class, elegance, and grace.