VIDEO: As President Trump is making history, Robert DeNiro says two words at the Tony Awards – “F*ck Trump!” He gets a standing ovation

DeNiro is a moron, plain and simple. Anyone who can’t see the world changing for the better in front of their eyes because of Donald Trump is a complete dumbass, of which there is apparently no shortage in Hollywood.

Hollywood has redeemed itself, abandoning its tradition of leftist propaganda by telling the truth about the Kennedys in the new movie ‘Chappaquidick’

It has been many decades since Hollywood produced anything but smut, trash, and liberal propaganda. It seems every movie coming out of Tinseltown has been a story told from a leftist perspective, often demonizing conservatives as misfortunate dullards barely bright enough to stay alive.

Oscar ratings lowest in history by a long shot!

Trump-bashing plays really well in Hollywood and Berkeley, but apparently not so well in flyover country where real, flesh and blood Americans live, totally foreign to the garish plastic people who come out once a year for the mutual strokefest we call the Academy Awards. 

Wow! Multiple allegations that Charlie Sheen raped a young male co-star on a movie set, plus plea from the boy’s best friend to stop Hollywood pedophilia

I had reached a point where it was hard for me to be shocked by anything that happens in Hollywood, but I must admit, this one shook me. This is only one of the reasons that real people consider Hollywood, filled with its plastic creatures, nothing more than one large cesspool.