Robert DeNiro is a punk and a miserable bit of fecal matter. He is also the poster boy for Hollywood. The left loves him. Despite historic win after historic win by President Trump, DeNiro is always right there to offer a well-placed “Fuck Trump!” And, the Hollywood crowd goes wild.

Such a wit, this DeNiro clown. He gives Italians everywhere a bad name. I may stop eating pizza because of this douchenozzle. What is he, like 4’10? He makes Joe Pesce look like Shaq.

Enough of the one-liners. DeNiro is a moron, plain and simple. Anyone who can’t see the world changing for the better in front of their eyes because of Donald Trump is a complete dumbass, of which there is apparently no shortage in Hollywood.

And the Hollywood trained seals go wild. Audience reacting with glee….

But not everyone was in the Terminal Dumbass Club….

Ex-Marine Joseph DeVito may have said it best, giving his prized portrait of DeNiro a new place of honor at his house…