VIDEO: This is NOT funny! Unless you have a warped sense of humor. Who am I kidding, this is hilarious! Chelsea Clinton is Howdy Doody

All kidding aside, I do see the validity of Richard’s comparison of Chelsea Clinton to Howdy Doody, but personally, I always thought Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s daughter was a dead ringer for Eleanor Roosevelt.

The only known truthful words from Peter Strzok, accusing Chelsea Clinton of sounding like a billy goat during a DNC speech

On July 29, 2016, FBI agent Peter Strzok sent his mistress, Lisa Page, a text regarding a speech Chelsea Clinton gave at the Democrat National Convention (video below). Strzok made fun of Chelsea, claiming she sounded like a billy goat.

Chelsea Clinton is being sued for stealing a book idea from another author

“I did months of painstaking research on my book. Her version looks like a ninth-grade homework assignment. I am in disbelief,”

VIDEO: This is rich! Chelsea Clinton refuses to sign book for Juanita Broaddrick

It appears persistence is only approved for liberal women and/or those who have not suffered the misfortune of finding themselves alone with Bill Clinton.