There is much more to learn about the tragedy in Charlottesville, but as details continue to become public, it looks more and more like the instigator of Saturday’s violence was Antifa and BLM. Big shock, right?

Liberals have spent the last two days screaming about President Donald Trump talking about violence “on all sides,” saying in so doing he was somehow trying to go easy on neo-Nazis, reports Young Conservatives.

Yet, really, it was the liberal media trying to skip over the violence of the Antifa in Charlottesville.

As you can see in this video, it’s the Antifa that initiate violence as the white nationalists try to walk by them.

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From Daily Wire:

“Unite the Right” demonstrators — presumably white racial nationalists and assorted “alt-right” persons — are seen displaying Confederate flags.

Persons associated with “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” initiated violence in Charlottesville, according to The Rebel’s Faith Goldy who reported on the scene:

“The Antifa and BLM guys who activated this entire violent streak that we saw today with their mace, and throwing rocks.”

The Unite the Right folks had just been dispersed by the police. Despite the fact that they had a permit for their rally, they were told their assembly was illegal and directed to go down the street where the Antifa were gathered waiting.

Goldy said “young black men” — seen in the video wearing red-black-green black racial and pan-African nationalist garb — behaving belligerently toward “ex-military guys.”

Mainstream media failed to note the black nationalist flags, calling the people ‘counter-protesters’ or ‘anti-racists’.

In addition to the black nationalists, the media failed to note the Communist and anarcho-Communist flags or the multiple sign calling to ‘Smash Nazis’ and they didn’t mean figuratively.

As Powdered Wig reported on Saturday, there is another side to this story, directly opposed to the liberal mainstream media narrative….