As liberals scream and tear out their hair, CNN declares that the border crisis was not created by Trump and proves it in this video of Barack Hussein

No, CNN has not seen the light. Its brief departure from fake news to the disinfecting sunlight of truth is simply a survival instinct, a knee-jerk reaction to ratings and advertising revenue in the toilet. When their numbers tick up even slightly, you will be returned to their regular fake news programming.

Liberals are lying about the Beto rally in El Paso, claiming it dwarfed President Trump’s rally. We have photographic proof they are lying!

The following video shows tens of thousands of people outside the coliseum. There are 6,500 or more inside. Imagine the number of people who planned to attend and changed their minds when they saw the massive turnout. Team Trump should have rented the Sun Bowl which has a seating capacity of over 50,000.

Chill, Ann! Coulter is freaking out over President Trump considering trading DACA for wall funding, a genius deal. Here is why

Coulter has been firmly in the “no-compromise” camp on illegal immigration and border security, which, if she gets her way, is going to lead to years of gridlock in Washington and nothing getting accomplished while our southern border is being overrun by illegals. I ask Ann Coulter, “Is that a good thing?”

VIDEO: 25 straight minutes of heavily armed illegals on horseback and drug mules strolling across our border without interference

At various points in the video, heavily armed illegals on horseback cross the border via Chilton’s ranch. These are not poor, downtrodden Mexican nationals unable to find work at home. They are fully employed, an organized paramilitary outfit.

Just before announcing that she would defy President Trump, Oregon gov. Kate Brown received a large donation from George Soros. Imagine that!

Just before announcing that she would refuse President Trump’s order to mobilize the National Guard, Oregon governor Kate Brown received a fat pile of money ($25,000) for liberal weenie sugar daddy George Soros.

Oregon governor says she will refuse President Trump’s order to deploy National Guard to the border, which she can’t do

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has vowed to defy President Trump’s mobilizing of the National Guard for duty protecting the Mexican border from the scourge of illegal immigration, which invites crime, drugs, and welfare exploitation.

Not messing around! President Trump is signing an order today to deploy the National Guard to the Mexican border. MAGA, baby!

As promised, President Trump is deploying the military (National Guard) to our southern border to augment the Border Patrol with additional security in anticipation of a caravan of Central Americans moving through Mexico en route to the US border which they plan to cross illegally.

VIDEO: BOOM! The Trump Effect. “There’s a vibe, there’s an energy in the Border Patrol that’s never been there before”

Morale among U.S. Border Patrol agents is at an all-time high, the president of the National Border Patrol Council said today on Fox News Insider.