Photo, above: Armed illegals crossing Jim Chilton’s Arizona ranch on horseback 

According to liberal weenie Democrats, our border needs no wall because the security there is already impenetrable.

Jim Chilton, who owns and operates a 50,000-acre ranch on the US-Mexico border in Arizona begs to differ, and he can and does document his disagreement with that ridiculous liberal weenie Democrat claim.

Chilton placed motion-activated cameras in various points around his ranch and the footage is shocking!

Throughout the following video, illegals have entered the United States via Chilton’s ranch. Most are in camouflage, not exactly your run-of-the-mill illegal immigrants.

At various points in the video, heavily armed illegals on horseback cross the border via Chilton’s ranch. These are not poor, downtrodden Mexican nationals unable to find work at home. They are fully employed, an organized paramilitary outfit most likely involved in the illegal drug trade or human trafficking.

At the 9:50 mark, note the special footwear being worn by most of the illegals, which appears to be a cover over their shoes to muffle their footsteps. Also, note the individual at the rear of the column taking great care to remove the footstep impressions of those ahead of him.

At the 22:00 mark, you can clearly see many individuals with large bundles on their backs crossing Chilton’s ranch into the United States. These scumbags are not carrying tortillas! Note again the covers most have over their shoes to disguise their footprints.

In the following video, James O’Keefe proves just how easy it is to cross our southern border illegally. He even dresses as Osama bin Laden and strolls right across the Rio Grande easily.