Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has vowed to defy President Trump’s mobilizing of the National Guard for duty protecting the Mexican border from the scourge of illegal immigration, which invites crime, drugs, and welfare exploitation.

From The Washington Times

The Democratic governor of Oregon said Wednesday that she will refuse to send National Guard forces to guard the border with Mexico.

Gov. Kate Brown even trolled President Trump, tagging his “RealDonaldTrump” handle in the tweets in which she said her state’s units will not participate in his border-security plan.

In a later tweet, she said there had been no request by the federal government to send Oregon’s Guard units.

And there likely won’t be. She is just all a-bluster, like the little Chihuahua who barks incessantly and nips at the ankles of anyone who comes through the door until it nips at the ankles of the wrong person and gets punted across the living room and spends the rest of the day under the couch.

Mr. Trump signed an order Wednesday ordering the deployment of National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, with his Homeland Security secretary saying it would be along the lines of similar actions taken by both his two immediate predecessors as president — Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Theoretically, a president can override a governor in this matter, by formally “federalizing” the National Guard into active duty, as happened during both Mr. Bush’s war on terrorism and his father’s earlier war to reverse Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. But Mr. Trump’s measure Wednesday was not such an order.

Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, the president has full authority to mobilize National Guard units for national security. He has the authority to “federalize” National Guard units, converting them from Title 32 to Title 10 forces.

President Eisenhower enacted such a federalization of National Guard forces in 1957 when he federalized all of Arkansas’ National Guard forces in response to the Arkansas Governor’s intent to use them to stop desegregation, thereby effectively removing the governor from the Guard’s chain-of-command.

President Trump many not mobilize Guard units so far from the Mexican border, and will likely not challenge a liberal Democrat governor, simply because it is too much trouble and he has already received the cooperation of states whose leaders actually understand federal law and the necessity of keeping our borders protected.

Tweets in response to Governor Brown’s defiance….