Liberal assclowns have been getting away with murder forever. They believe they can say what they want and do what they want, and dare you to challenge them, lest they whip out the minority card or the gender card or whatever card, label you a sexist or racist or xenophobe or homophobe or polyphobe, and send you off to Political Correctness Retraining Academy, where you will come to understand that liberals will say and do what they want and conservatives will agree, cower in fear, or be crucified in the mainstream media, aka the official communications branch of the left.

The targeting of Donald Trump’s ten-year-old son, Barron, by trolls and media personalities has been the source of widespread outrage since Friday’s inauguration. Now, Independent Journal Review can confirm that at least one of the high profile personality who mocked Barron has been “suspended indefinitely” from her job at NBC.

In a quote given to IJR, a person familiar with the situation has confirmed that Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, was suspended immediately after her tweet calling Barron a ‘homeschool shooter.’ The source made clear that Rich’s suspension was indefinite and effective immediately. This would explain the absence of Rich’s name from the credits of the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

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During the presidential inauguration ceremony on Friday, Rich took to Twitter to declare:

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Her tweet saw an immediate backlash from all sides of the political spectrum, and the general consensus is that regardless of how anyone feels about Donald Trump, the children of a public figure should be off limits.

On Saturday, Rich deleted the offending tweet and her entire Twitter account, but until now it was unclear what action, if any, had been taken by NBC in response to Rich’s tweet. When Fox News approached NBC for comment, they refused, saying:

“NBC will not be commenting.”

This afternoon, Katie Rich reactivated her Twitter account to issue an apology:

The move bucks a disturbing trend of allowing those in the chattering class to get away with vicious mocking the Trump children without repercussion. In 2014, a GOP House staffer was fired for criticizing the Obama children’s fashion and demeanor during a public event.

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Jerry Bragg(77 likes)She should be fired. As far as the apology, you’re not sorry about the tweet. You’re sorry it blew up in your face. You’re a disgusting human being. This isn’t about liberals and conservatives differences. This is about character, which you don’t possess. 
Rosie Sadler (57 likes)Suspending her is just delaying the action unless you want us As Americans to beleive that this is how it’s really going to be.  If you truly are going to punish her for the ignorance;  shes an adult , she needs to be fired!! This should not have been tolerated.  This child is 10 years old. She needs to be fired!!  That’s what we’re calling for she needs to lose her job!! She bullied this child ” REALLY “.. FIRE HER STOP PLAYING GAMES and trying to appease us
Leslie(54 likes)Oh please, justice has NOT been served. NBC suspended her because they felt they HAD to, not because they wanted to, and not because they don’t agree with her. She’s probably hanging out back stage right now laughing along with everyone else.