Baltimore resident: “I’m afraid.” Residents hide indoors as violence, gunplay, murder mushroom, police backing off for fear of being arrested

By Jason Howerton, The Blaze BALTIMORE (TheBlaze/AP) — A 31-year-old woman and a young boy were shot in the head Thursday, becoming Baltimore’s 37th and 38th homicide victims so far this month, the city’s deadliest in 15 years. Meanwhile, arrests […]

LOL! Baltimore mayor, whose Indian name is Deer In The Headlights, struggles to answer reporter’s questions, threatens to cancel presser

By Thomas Madison Watch as Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake freezes when asked the tough questions by Fox News reporter Leland Vittert. Unable to answer the questions everyone wants answers to, she pouts, calling Vittert rude, and threatening to cancel the […]

With 27 shootings and 8 murders over Memorial Day weekend, May is Baltimore’s deadliest month this century, with six days still left!

By Thomas Madison As of noon, Monday, there have been 27 shootings and 8 homicides over Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore. Two and a half days, eight murders – nearly four a day, making May the deadliest month in Baltimore […]

What happens when you punish cops for doing their jobs? Arrests nosedive as murders skyrocket in Baltimore, where imbeciles are in charge

By Justin Miller and Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast Murders in one part of town are up 200 percent, shootings 800 percent, but police are locking up fewer people. Baltimore logged its 100th murder of the year on Thursday morning, […]

The fallacy of urban investment and why companies won’t touch it

By Robert Weisberg, American Thinker Given America’s experience with hundreds of urban riots and the ensuing calls for “domestic Marshall Plans” to heal the wounds, recent events in Baltimore are, as Yogi Berra, once said, déjà vu all over again. The president himself kicked off this rerun […]

Six Baltimore cops charged in Freddie Gray death, with multiple counts from murder to misconduct

From Alan Blinder and Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times BALTIMORE — Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged six police officers on Friday with crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray, a striking and surprisingly swift […]

I don’t think anything Obama has ever said has pissed me off this bad, as he throws a 55-gallon drum of gasoline on the Baltimore bonfire

By Thomas Madison Clueless? Corrupt? Racist? All of the above? Which is it with this president of ours? Barrack Hussein actually believes that white people are never victims of police abuse. Only black people get abused by police. You watch […]

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: This is what passes for leadership in the Democrat Party

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference on Sunday that she ordered the Baltimore Police Department to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.” Pictured below is the Chairman of The Democratic National Committee. You […]

Rival street gangs, including the Bloods and Crips, put their differences aside to “take out” Baltimore cops

From Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun Baltimore Police say they have received a “credible threat” that rival gangs have teamed up to “take out” law enforcement officers. Police said in a statement that they have received information that members of […]