By Justin Miller and Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast

Murders in one part of town are up 200 percent, shootings 800 percent, but police are locking up fewer people.
Baltimore logged its 100th murder of the year on Thursday morning, hitting the milestone after recording more than a murder per day in the month following Freddie Gray’s death.

The massive increase in homicide, shootings, and violent crime comes as arrests have plummeted to their lowest levels all year. In the week before Gray died, 682 people were arrested. In the last week of available data, 339 people were arrested.

Police Arrest Almost No One on Baltimore’s Bloody West Side
Citywide arrests for the past three months. (Illustration by The Daily Beast)

The Western District, where Gray was arrested, is the center of the crime boom. Homicides are up 200 percent compared to this time last year; non-fatal shootings have risen 800 percent; robberies of varying types 100 to 300 percent.

Despite more crime, there are far fewer arrests in the district. In fact, at least three days in May saw no arrests.

Baltimore Stats
Western District arrests for the past three months. (Illustration by The Daily Beast)

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