Remember Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore prosecutor who thoughtlessly charged Baltimore cops with murder? She is in a heap of legal trouble over it

The charges include defamation and invasion of privacy. Attorneys for the officers are now adding malicious prosecution, false arrest, and false imprisonment

UPDATE: Young gangsta who got his ass whipped by mama at the Baltimore riots speaks. Looks like he got the message. I hope so!

By Thomas Madison I wish all parents, especially those in our very vulnerable inner-cities, would take the time to raise their children like Toya Graham is doing. She found her son, 16-year old Michael Singleton, dressed like a thug and […]

The inmates are now officially running the asylum! Baltimore mayor: Space was provided to those who “wished to destroy”

By Thomas Madison Let me get this straight. The mayor of a major American city made an official announcement, complete with an attending entourage that resembled, perhaps not so surprisingly, a New Black Panther posse, actually proclaiming that she gave […]