By Thomas Madison

I wish all parents, especially those in our very vulnerable inner-cities, would take the time to raise their children like Toya Graham is doing. She found her son, 16-year old Michael Singleton, dressed like a thug and throwing rocks at the Baltimore riot, then proceeded to whip his ass into next week.

Sounding somewhat remorseful, young Mr. Singleton spoke to ABC News about his participation in the chaos.

Watching his mom approach him in the street, it was obvious she wasn’t there to give her son a hug.”I’m like, ‘Oh man. What is my mama doing down here?'”

He said all of his friends witnessed his mother screaming, as she yanked and smacked him around in the street while he tried to get away from her.

“They was around,” Singleton told ABC News. “Everybody knew my mama. All my friends knew my mama.”

Graham said she would not let her son act like a common punk and thug, rioting in the streets and throwing rocks at cops. “To see him down there, doing what he was doing, that’s — we are not doing that,” she said. “I’m not angry at him anymore. As long as I have a breath in my body, you will not be on the streets selling drugs — you’re just not going to live like that. Not with me.”

Ms. Graham explained that seeing the rock in his hand, with the intent to injure police officers, is what made her so irate.

“I was so angry with him that he had made a decision to do some harm to the police officers,” she said, CNN reported. “You know, once he threw that rock down I said, ‘You weren’t brought up like this.'”

However, it appears Singleton may have learned a lesson. He knows she was only looking out for him and said he’s going to try harder to behave.

“I understand how much my mama really cares about me,” he said. “I just got to try to do better.”

H/T Mad World News