Wow! Watch Lee Greenwood rock the house with ‘God Bless the USA’ in Chattanooga as President Trump receives a rock star reception

Trump rallies have always been more like rock concerts than political rallies, unlike the fearmongering funerals that pass for Democrat campaign events, and the 2018 midterm election campaign season is no different than the 2016 presidential election campaign season.

RNC plans to hit Democrat opponents over the head with the ugliest club they have: HILLARY! ‘We’re going to make them own her!’

It will not be by choice of the Democrat candidates themselves, but by their opponents who vow to bash their Democrat adversaries over the head with the Hitlery Club every chance they get and not let them forget that they belong to the party of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Taking a page from Claire McCaskill’s book, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is blasting Hitlery to attract conservative voters. Not gonna’ work, Heidi

Liberal Democrat politicians govern from the left, often the extreme, far left. But when it is re-election time, they run hard to the right, knowing that liberal voters aren’t really paying attention (because they never do, otherwise they wouldn’t be liberals), but conservative voters are paying close attention.

Claire McCaskill is finished! She is slamming fellow Democrats, running hard to the right because she is trailing badly in her re-election

Claire McCaskill is a typical tax-spend-and-lie Democrat. Campaign as a moderate, then for six years hose the people who sent her to Washington. She is among the incumbent Democrat senators in serious trouble, trailing her Republican challenger by eight points in the early going.

Democrat approval is tanking, meaning November should be a very good month for the GOP and the Trump agenda

The Schumer Shutdown and party leaders in the crosshairs of an army of investigators in Washington’s most corrupt criminal conspiracy ever will almost certainly result in greater Republican majorities in Congress, meaning the Trump agenda could breeze to passage without Democrat interference.