Don’t you love how liberal Democrat members of Congress run hard to the right during campaign season, then once their place in Washington is secure for another term, they return to their welfare state, tax-and-spend, lobbyist dinner party manner of conducting the people’s business? Standard modus operandi for career parasites.

I believe the jig is up for Democrats. Voters are more skeptical of them now, not listening to their empty rhetoric, but rather watching and remembering their voting record in Congress. I said two years ago that I believe the Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet. I stand by that.

Yet, the liberal weenies continue to try to pull the wool over the voters’ eyes. It has always worked before (pre-2016) and it is all they’ve got. “See, look at me. I’m a conservative/moderate now who will work tirelessly for the people when I am in Washington.”

Translation: “Hurry up and re-elect me so that I can get back to the swamp and line my pockets with sweet lobbyist cash.”

As I explained in an article last week, the Democrat Party is in serious trouble. Of ten incumbent Democrat senators facing re-election in November, five are trailing their Republican challengers and a few of those challengers are unnamed, meaning the voters have already determined that they will vote for anyone but the incumbent. I expect at least two of the remaining five incumbent Democrat senators to be upset by their Republican opponents, giving the GOP seven of the ten contested seats, inching ever closer to the magic 60-seat filibuster-proof majority.

So, ’tis the season for Democrats to slam fellow Democrats in an effort to distance themselves from the stench of their own voting records in the hope that voters won’t take a peek under the hood. Good luck with that! I mean, how can you expect voters to ignore the fact that not a single Democrat voted to cut their taxes?

Add to their growing problems the growing popularity of President Trump (his favorable rating is 55% in McCaskill’s home state of Missouri) and the Democrats may experience a bloodbath in November.

From NTK

With Attorney General Josh Hawley (R-MO) kicking off a campaign against her this week and starting the race eight points ahead of her, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) may be feeling the political heat of a tough reelection fight.

Worse for McCaskill, the heat may be extending to her work in the U.S. Senate.

McCaskill is a typical tax-spend-and-lie Democrat. Campaign as a moderate, then for six years hose the people who sent her to Washington. She is among the incumbent Democrat senators in serious trouble, trailing her Republican challenger by eight points in the early going.

The Wall Street Journalreported on Monday that McCaskill “vented about liberals” at an intra-party meeting last week, over their public opposition to a bipartisan banking bill co-sponsored by McCaskill.

The criticism from one of their own caused centrists’ tempers to boil over, at least privately. At a Democratic lunch meeting at the Capitol last Tuesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, a co-sponsor, vented about liberals for leveling intraparty attacks, people familiar with the matter said.

McCaskill may be trying to burnish her bipartisan credentials for the admakers supporting her reelection effort in 2018, but it’s going to be difficult for her to explain her vote against tax cuts in December 2017. A poll of Missouri voters released last week found a clear majority (58 percent) supported the tax cuts that McCaskill voted against.