Hitlery Clinton just can’t seem to let it go. One day she is pushing a book full of excuses explaining why the election was stolen from her, the next day she is on a talk show blaming everyone but the monster in the mirror.

Smart Democrat candidates are staying well clear of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, but no matter, she is going to be central to their campaigns anyway.

It will not be by choice of the Democrat candidates themselves, but by their opponents who vow to bash their Democrat adversaries over the head with the Hitlery Club every chance they get and not let them forget that they belong to the party of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Just in time for the newest Clinton scandal, an $84 million money laundering CRIME that has just been discovered. Stay tuned. You are unlikely to hear about it in the mainstream media.

Hillary Clinton is going to have a leading role in the Republican Party’s 2018 midterm strategy, reports BizPac Review.

The failed Democratic presidential nominee, whose own party wishes she would return to her home in the woods for a while, doesn’t appear to be going away. And the GOP is betting on that fact to score some major wins in the coming months.

It will be easy to spot Democrat candidates at social functions where Hitlery is in attendance. They’ll be the ones with the bags over their heads.

“We’re going to make them own her,” Republican National Committee spokesman Rick Gorka said, according to Fox News.

Republicans hope to use Clinton’s refusal to disappear to their advantage, forcing Democrats to be associated with their failed nominee at every turn.

“I promise you that you’ll continue to see it — Hillary Clinton starring in our paid media. She’s a very powerful motivator,” Corry Bliss, who leads the Congressional Leadership Fund, said. “It’s about what she represents. What she represents, just like what Nancy Pelosi represents, is out-of-touch far-left liberal positions.”

According to Fox News:

“Even if she avoids the spotlight moving forward, the Republican Party plans to evoke her early and often in key congressional races, particularly in regions Trump won, which feature most of the midterm season’s competitive races.

Internal polling and focus groups conducted by Republican campaigns find that Clinton remains one of the most unpopular high-profile Democrats in the nation, second only to Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

Just 36 percent of Americans viewed Clinton favorably in a December Gallup poll, an all-time low mark that bucked a trend in which unsuccessful presidential candidates typically gain in popularity over time.”

Hitlery may become the first politician to score less than zero in a favorability poll. Always setting records!

Attack ads featuring Clinton as the villain have been used already by Republicans in races in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Dakota. Clinton herself continues to make appearances as she blames everyone but herself for her stunning loss to President Donald Trump in 2016.

The former secretary of state has stayed in the spotlight much to the exasperation of many in her party who have effectively burned out on her. With her post-election blame tour promoting her memoir, “What Happened,” Clinton has made many appearances and has continued to impede Democrats who just want to move ahead and focus on rebuilding their party.

Clinton also continues to plummet in popularity according to a poll released this month and the GOP plans to use polls as well as the words of Clinton herself, against Democrats. Last month, she smeared many Trump supporters as racists and sexists, setting off the GOP which responded in force, running digital ads slamming the 10 Democratic Senate candidates running for re-election in states that were carried by Trump.

“She’s called you ‘deplorable.’ Now, she’s called you ‘backwards,’” an ad targeting Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

“If Bill Nelson had his way, Hillary Clinton would be president,” the ad stated. “Florida won’t forget.”

Asked when Clinton would “ride off into the sunset,” Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, who is seeking re-election in North Dakota in November, replied, “Not soon enough,” according to Fox News.