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This will be a bombshell if Russia dossier investigators’ suspicions are confirmed. They now suspect reporters were paid to spread collusion claims

Fusion GPS is trying to block Congress from accessing information that would reveal whether Fusion paid journalists. If there were no payments to journalists, then there would be no need to block the subpoena requesting that information. RED FLAG!

Barack Hussein paid nearly $1 million to the law firm that secretly paid Fusion GPS for the 35-page lie we now know as the Trump dossier

Now, the fact that the stench of this illegal activity, especially its funding, goes all the way to the top of the Hussein White House should completely destroy the Obama legacy and what little credibility it has left.

Were you surprised to discover that the Washington Free Beacon originally funded the BS Trump dossier? Me too. This explains it all!

Were you shocked to discover that the original funding for the totally BS Trump dossier was the Washington Free Beacon? Well, this should ease your troubled soul a bit and bring the seemingly unbelievable into sharp focus.

VIDEO: Do you know which one of these Republicans initially financed the 35-page lie we now know as the Trump dossier? Purebred swamp rat!

After watching the entire Bush family, including worn-out hag Barbara, step up to trash President Trump is only more evidence that the BBC claim is spot-on. The entire family is no better than the establishment swamp scum with whom they associate, especially the Clintons and Barack Hussein.

BREAKING bombshell! It has been revealed who paid for the infamous and completely bogus Trump dossier. Surprised? I didn’t think so

The burning question lately is who hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to fabricate 35 pages of the most outlandish lies and attempt to pass the bogus report off as factual? That question has now been answered.

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