Another bombshell, folks! I have a feeling it is going to be bombshell after bombshell until the swamp rats are in cages!

Since the revelation that Hitlery and the DNC were involved in the financing of the GPS Fusion-fabricated Trump Dossier to the tune of several million dollars, I have been wondering who the mysterious unnamed GOP donor was who initially funded the 35-page lie, then handed the ball off to Hitlery and the DNC when Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.

So, I began to dig a little, scouring the interwebs, not overlooking even the most obscure sources, and it is mostly denial after denial by GOP donors trying to distance themselves from the steaming pile of Clinton corruption. No one wants that stench on them.

However, I found more than one source declaring that the mysterious GOP donor who so hates President Trump that he would stoop to paying for the most sensational lies in an attempt to prevent Trump’s election as President of the United States was none other than Jeb Bush.

“A wealthy Republican donor who strongly opposed Mr. Trump put up the money to hire a Washington research firm run by former journalists, Fusion GPS, to compile a dossier about the real estate magnate’s past scandals and weaknesses. 

After Mr. Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee in the spring, the Republican interest in financing the effort ended. But  Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were very interested, and  Fusion GPS kept doing the same deep dives, but on behalf of new clients,” The New York Times reported.

That report received funding from failed Republican candidate Jeb Bush.

An insider at BBC said that Steele was paid for by Bush to get more money out of President Donald Trump. Additionally, the BBC reported that a super PAC “Right To Rise” supporting Bush’s campaign commissioned the report from the D.C. based firm.

H/T steemit

Of course, at this point, it is simply conjecture without verifiable proof, which will come when the bank records of GPS Fusion and Christopher Steele are subpoenaed and examined. Until then I consider the BBC’s report that the Bush Super PAC paid Fusion and Steele highly credible.

I am irate over the revelations that Hitlery and the DNC were directly involved in the attempted smearing of a political opponent. But, now we discover that not only did a Republican donor initiate the Trump dossier, but that donor was Jeb Bush, a member of an American political family practically considered royalty in America.

The depth of my disillusionment is immeasurable. After watching the entire Bush family, including worn-out hag Barbara, step up to trash President Trump is only more evidence that the BBC claim is spot-on. The entire family is no better than the establishment swamp scum with whom they associate, especially the Clintons and Barack Hussein.

And, speaking of Republican swamp rats, let’s not forget who the Democrats chose to turn the Trump dossier over to the FBI. Songbird McCain.