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Another depressing symptom of the current US economy – the disappearing American male worker. Shocking numbers!

By Thomas Madison For those who had the stomach to listen to The One’s recent State of the Union Fantasy I’m sure you enjoyed the smorgasbord of delusional optimism and personal vanity. We were told how incredibly well we are doing, […]

The Department of Bullsh!t, Lies, and Sham (BLS) has published February’s employment report. Very funny!

Hallelujah! – Unemployment Plunges Due to 354,000 Americans Leaving the Workforce By James Quinn,  The Burning Platform, via The Daily Sheeple This shit is almost too funny to read. The Bureau of Lies & Scams (BLS) just issued their seasonally […]

To Obama voters…. DAMN YOU!! Look what you have done! To Congress…. DAMN YOU!! for letting Obama do this! Our children will pay!

Obamanomics…. From Darrell Issa President Obama has added more to the National Debt in six years than all of these men did in 219 years. It’s a fact made worse by HOW he has spent it. In 1984, Ronald Reagan […]

Time to stop being STUPID! China is now the largest economy on earth. We made them rich. They are lending us our own money!

“Hello, Red. This is Uncle Sam. We’ve been thinking and we are tired of giving you a free trade ride….”

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