By Thomas Madison

That His Majesty, The Exalted King Barrack Hussein skipped the three-million-person rally in Paris  to stand against Islamic terrorism should not be surprising to anyone. The event was attended by 40 prominent leaders from around the world. Conspicuously absent was King Hussein or any representative of the United States.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who was asked specifically to not attend the rally, as his presence would be inflammatory and controversial, answered the request with a decisive (my paraphrase) “FU!” He went anyway. Rally officials placed Netanyahu in the second row to prevent him from being highly visible. Again, the Prime Minister’s response (my paraphrase) – “FU!” He forced his way into the front row, making it clear where Israel stands on the issue of Islamic terrorism. Firmly, proudly, and prominently against it!

Likewise, it appears, The One made his statement as to where he stands on Islamic terrorism. Clearly not against it. Otherwise he would have been there. Or someone from his administration would have been there, like Eric Holder who was in Paris anyway on other business.

From R.G. Yoho, Clash Daily

After the Islamic terrorist attacks in France, I have been amazed by the reaction of many of those in the media and Washington to these recent events.

Over 40 different world leaders assembled in Paris to show their opposition to these terrorist attacks. But strangely enough, many of them were surprised that the President of the United States was nowhere to be seen for the event.

The only thing surprising about this fact is the fact that anybody was actually surprised by it.

Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is a proud supporter, apologist, and spokesman for the forces of Radical Islam.

As evidence of this claim, I simply offer you these two statements made by the president:

— “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
— “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

These two Obama quotes ought to forever put to rest any lingering doubts about which side the president is truly on in the never-ending battle between liberty and Islam.

And our president clearly isn’t taking the side of liberty.

Moreover, by his failure to join those world leaders in France, Obama has revealed that he is auditioning to become the face of Radical Islam, minus the beard.

You’ll notice that I use the term “Radical Islam.”

But with each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly clear to everyone that there isn’t any other kind.

Along with the president’s lack of a critical response to the attacks in France, I also find it equally disturbing to witness the reactions of America’s mainstream media.

Some of them are going overboard in their defense of the president, making excuses for the president’s failure to stand with those other leaders in making a firm statement against Islam.

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