By Thomas Madison

Brits have become increasingly vigilant in the face of an Islamic invasion, and many are fed up. Radical Imam Anjem Chowderhead Choudary, who has been imprisoned in Belmarsh Prison on charges of terrorism for the continuous bile and inciteful hatred he spouts, has reportedly been “attacked and beaten” in Belmarsh.

As details become available we will update this article.

From Britain First

Britain First has learned through a source inside Belmarsh Prison that hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been attacked and beaten.

This attack has not been reported by the mainstream media but appears to be true.

We have no reason to believe that someone working inside the prison would lie and make something like this up.

The authorities would want to keep something like this secret so as not to upset Choudary’s Islamist supporters.

Britain First, however, doesn’t tip-toe around Islamic extremists.

Once we have more updates we will publish them on this website…. Britain First