Buzzfeed recently published an article listing the media outlets “where Donald Trump gets his news.” One of the outlets cited is Powdered Wig.

As reported by leftist fake news site Buzzfeed, “Trump has shared news articles from hyper-partisan and frequently nonfactual blogs like Powdered Wig Society, which, recently lamented, ‘WaPo put out a list of fake news sites and Powdered Wig is not included. Dammit! We shall endeavor to try harder.’ The blog post shared by Trump cites Prntly as its source and refers to Hillary Clinton as ‘Hitlery’ Clinton.”

Actually, I only refer to Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife as “Hitlery” when I am in a generous mood. More often I refer to her as the “Wicked Witch of Benghazi,” which is more descriptively accurate.

Buzzfeed’s list appears to be very much aligned with a Washington Post story that cited a “fake news” site,, which listed many right wing websites as “fake news,” aka “news liberals don’t want you to hear,” charging that those right wing sites were Russian tools, agents of the Kremlin, Cold War holdovers on the Soviet side, getting paid by the left’s new boogeyman, Vladimir Putin, who they are vilifying due to his cozy relationship with President-elect Donald Trump, which frankly is the best thing to happen to US/Soviet relations since the Reagan/Gorbachev alliance. I know a few of the owners of the sites WaPo and propornot are lying about and they are first class patriots.

Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti
channeling his inner (and outer)
Pee Wee Herman

Note to self: Be careful with sarcasm. Some morons, like the mouthbreathers who pass for journalists at Buzzfeed, simply do not possess the cognitive wherewithal to perceive it.

Responding to Buzzfeed’s charge, yes, we at Powdered Wig are proudly “hyper-partisan.” I like to call it “patriotic” or “America first.” As far as “frequently nonfactual,” GMAFB! Buzzfeed furthers the leftist “fake news” narrative by not challenging liberal rag Wapo, which relied upon a transparently “fake news” site that was founded a few months ago (August 21, 2016), to smear right wing websites, and WE are the “nonfactual” “fake news” sites? Let’s compare, shall we, Buzz?….

Real news, as reported by Powdered Wig early in the morning on Election Day…. “Donald Trump will win in a landslide today. Here is why….

Real news, as reported by Buzzfeed…. “‘This “Psychic’ Scottish Goat Has Predicted Hillary Clinton Will Win The Election

So, which is the “fake news” site, Buzz?