H/T Melissa Mastrianni


The guys at statespoll.com┬ádid a commendable job with their latest polling calculation. It is very much in line with Powdered Wig’s recent calculation based upon historical and demographic data. Link to that update…. November is Trump Month!

I believe there may be a surprise or two in store between now and Election Day that will swing the numbers even further in Trump’s favor, and I still say the most overlooked state is New York. I do not see it as a sure thing for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. In fact, I see New York going red this year, the first time since the re-election of Ronald Reagan.

And Michigan. How the hell can Michigan be a battleground state? Considering the condition of the state and its largest city, Detroit, which was once the most affluent city on the planet, how can Michiganders, or Michiganians, depending on which governor you are listening too, (OK, dammit, let’s just call them “Almost Canadians”) even consider voting for a Democrat? With their brilliant ideas, like NAFTA, and daily corruption scandals, they have absolutely destroyed the once beautiful, prosperous state. It is even debatable! Yet, a certain segment of the population continues the insane practice of voting for Democrats. Bizarre!

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