I am publishing this much more quickly than I would like, but I have already invested a day and a half in it and must now publish it and study it more closely as I get time. I have proofread it a dozen times, but it seems something always escapes me. Please feel free to check our numbers and send us corrective comments.

The following graphic lists the number of eligible voters in 2012, broken down by race. Using these figures as a base and other data we have drawn from the web, we calculate a resounding victory for Donald Trump in November.


As the graphic below, left illustrates, 69% of eligible voters are white, with blacks, Hispanics, and Asians making up 12%, 12%, and 4%, respectively.

According to 2012 participation figures (Figure 2, below), 66% of blacks voted in the presidential election, compared to 64% of whites, 48% of Hispanics, and 47% of Asians

FT_16.01.26_eligibleVoterChange_diverse     fig2

According to Survey USA’s polling, when asked, “In 2016, America will elect a President. If the election for President of the United States were today, and the only two names on the ballot were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?” This is where it gets very interesting….

Votes for Trump

White voters………. 152,862,000 x 64.1% x 51% = 49,972,116
Black voters………..   25,753,000 x 66.2% x 25% =  4,262,121
Hispanic voters…..   23,329,000 x 48.0% x 31% =  3,471,355
Asian voters……….     8,032,000 x 47.3% x 41% =   1,557,696

TOTAL                                         59,263,238  (45.6%)

Votes for Hitlery

White voters………. 152,862,000 x 64.1 % x 34% = 33,314,744
Black voters……….     25,753,000 x 66.2% x 59% = 10,058,606
Hispanic voters…..    23,329,000 x 48.0% x 50% =  5,598,960
Asian voters……….       8,032,000 x 47.3% x 39% =    1,481,663

TOTAL                                            50,453,973  (38.8%)

Now, we still have not accounted for the “undecided” vote, which is 16%. Rather than use a pro rata figure, clearly in Trump’s favor, let’s play conservative and call it an even split, 8% each for The Donald and The Wicked Witch of Benghazi. That gives Donald Trump a mandate of 53.6% and makes him President of the United States.

As can clearly be seen The Donald wins on the white vote, but without the help of the minority vote could easily lose the election.

There are still things to consider, like voter fraud, which is Play #1 in the Democrat playbook, and the goofy electoral college which can leave the winner of the popular vote in second place. However, if these numbers hold, there is not enough voter fraud to overcome an overwhelming Trump victory.

Please check my figures and add your comments in the Comments section below or contact us by email at I will edit worthy comments into the article. I am also running this by a mathematician friend.