SECURING FREEDOM: At Last a Strategy!

From John Tutten, Clash Daily

Just when you think nothing good can ever again come out of Washington, a ray of pure white light breaks through the perpetual smog.

Last Friday, the Center For Security Policy, a national security think tank located in Washington D.C., unveiled its strategy for neutralizing the totalitarian threat presented to the free world by Islam and its legal system, Shariah.

Frank Gaffney, a former assistant secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration, leads the Center For Security Policy and its team of national security experts. In a press conference at the National Press Club, Frank and members of the Tiger team who directly contributed to the report, presented an overview of the strategy contained in a ninety-four page document titled, The Secure Freedom Strategy – A Plan For Victory Over The Global Jihadist Movement. This report can be downloaded here:

The report endeavors to provide a clear vision of the threat we face and to establish a multifaceted plan for neutralizing the Grand Jihad that is underway. The strategy follows a method similar to the plan that Ronald Reagan followed in defeating the Soviet Union and prescribes the following initiatives:

1) Establishing a clear understanding of Islam and Shariah and what is driving Jihadist tactics. While we all understand the danger presented to us by individual or even teams of Jihadists like we saw recently in France, most are unaware that the Muslim Brotherhood through what they call a Civilization or Stealth Jihad is actively undermining this country. They have established information dominance and are blinding our government to their real intentions through political correctness and other influence operations. We must begin immediately to dismantle this. It can’t happen if we don’t understand our enemy and their strategy.

2) Establishing a clear objective. At this point, we are rudderless in the struggle against Jihad and Shariah because we have not defined our enemy clearly and established goals to defeating what it is that threatens us.

3) Stop the hollowing out of our military. We are in greater peril now than ever before from the Jihadist movement. Now is not the time to be scaling back our capabilities. Instead, through a clear understanding of what we face, we have to reverse course and begin rebuilding the capabilities we will need to confront this many-headed hydra.

4) Defeat the Islamic Ideology. Certainly we must be able to defend ourselves from the violence the Jihadist movement brings. However, that demands a near term, tactical strategy. Long term though, we must defeat the ideology. We must present a superior alternative to Islam that will win potential Jihadists from embracing the violent prescriptions of Islam and instead bring them into productive, modern society.

5) Reestablish our covert capabilities. We must develop enhanced intelligence capabilities and engage in a kind of stealth jihad of our own that undermines our enemies through psychological operations and cyber warfare. We need to beef up our human intelligence as well. How about instead of just blowing up key Islamist operatives with a drone we capture them and get intel? What a concept.

6) Wage economic or financial warfare. One of the biggest things we can do is GET OFF MIDDLE EASTERN OIL! We are sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year to our enemies that they in turn use to undermine us! And we have an administration that has thwarted any effort to reduce our dependency. More on that in another column.

7) Engage in cyber warfare. ‘Tis the twenty first century. A man at a keyboard can now do more damage than a fully loaded B52. We have the best and brightest minds in this field. Let’s use them.

I watched the press conference on line and from my vantage point, I did not see any big time media at the event. Would it be any surprise that not one word of the Center For Security Policy’s existence or this strategy makes it to the light of day with the lamestream media? No, I think not.

This is where you readers come in. If you’ve gotten this far in the column, hey, you’re one of us good guys. You know how important this fight is. Our very survival depends on getting as many Americans up to speed on this threat as we can.

Therefore, download the Secure Freedom Strategy. Read it and get command of what it spells out. Once you understand it, talk to your family and friends about it and give them a copy of the strategy (ain’t electronic files great?!).

Don’t stop with just family and friends though. Do what you can to get elected officials at every level of government exposed to this strategy. How about talking to your city officials or the local Sheriff if you know him (or her). Heck, don’t stop there. How about your congressman or even the governor? Let’s don’t be shy about this.

Seriously, the threat of Islamic inspired Jihadism is one of the most serious threats this country has ever faced. The barbarians are within our walls. We need as many people as possible to understand the threat to begin neutralizing it and we all have a part to play. Godspeed.