I saw this story (below) by Young Conservatives last night. They now fully recognize that the Comey memo is complete bullshit.

Come now, young brothers and sisters, all you have to do is read Powdered Wig every day you will come to understand these developments much sooner.

Powdered Wig reported the very same thing four days ago. From the outset there was clearly no memo. Michael Shi Schmidt admitted as much in his story. He had no memo, his source was anonymous, and his source only claimed to have seen such a memo. To print a story on such total BS is irresponsible and unethical journalism and totally immoral, standard practice for a liberal fish wrap like the New York Fake News Times.

From Young Conservatives

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This story might just make you blow a gasket.

It’s literally stunning what media is trying to pass off as responsible journalism.

Now to the meat of the problem.

Listen carefully to this video and see if you pick it up.

Here’s Brian Williams interviewing Michael Schmidt, one of the New York Times reporters who wrote about the ‘Comey memo’ that Trump had supposedly made the comment “I hope you can let Flynn go.”


Did you get it?

Williams asks, “Why is it that the Times has the story, but not the memo?”

Schmidt, talking about the memo/s says, “and someone who had seen them recounted details to me.”

So wait, not only hasn’t he, Schmidt, even seen the memos. But the person he’s talking with doesn’t even have them. That person is ‘recounting details’ that he remembers.

Are you kidding me? This is due diligence? This is journalism? This is what has people screaming impeachment?

This is media saying anything, using anything they feel like, reliable or not, real or not for serving their agenda.

As Jason Chaffetz says produce the memo. Or shut up.

Until you do, there is nothing but three degrees of hearsay going on here….