LOCK HER UP! Rosie O’Donnell has broken the law and continues to, offering money to members of Congress for anti-Trump votes, all felonies

I believe it is well past time to rein in the liberal weenies who have become so emboldened they believe there is nothing they can’t do. They believe they are untouchable and will therefore continue to obstruct President Trump and the Republican Congress by whatever means necessary, the law be damned!

VIDEO: Liberal weenie fake comedian Trevor Noah has a new fixation – President Trump’s teeth

He doesn’t care about liberal weenie parasites on the left with nightmare-inducing dental issues, like Hitlery’s world-class overbite that has been officially clocked shelling a bushel of corn through a picket fence in 30 seconds flat.

George Lopez cracks Trump jokes when told not to, jokes about the audience’s “white privilege,” booed off the stage and escorted out by security

I am more entertained reading the phone book (remember those?) than watching George Lopez, who has always been more crybaby racist than comedian. Outside his core ethnic audience, Lopez is not at all funny.

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