And liberals wonder why they are disliked.

Professional assclown Trevor Noah has a new fixation – teeth. But not just anyone’s teeth, President Trump’s teeth.

He doesn’t care about liberal weenie parasites on the left with nightmare-inducing dental issues, like Hitlery’s world-class overbite that has been officially clocked shelling a bushel of corn through a picket fence in 30 seconds flat.

Noah only cares about President Trump’s teeth, which he swears are dentures. They don’t look like dentures to me, but maybe that’s because I really don’t care a whit about President Trump’s teeth. I only care that he is making America great again, which is happening every day despite certified halfwits like Noah.

The good news is that Noah has only 17 viewers and half of them are drunk when he is on the air.

From BizPac Review 

In a historic moment, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, winning praise from Jews and making haters who call him a “Nazi” eat their words once again.

But South African comedian Trevor Noah was more concerned about Trump’s teeth. “President Trump is wearing dentures, people!” Noah declared.

Noah made the remarks after noticing that Trump had slurred his words a bit when announcing that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This is something numerous American presidents have promised to do over the decades, but failed to deliver.

Trump did sound tired and appeared to slur his words when he said Wednesday: “Today we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.”

Noah seized on the historic moment to make the pettiest of observations: That a 71-year-old man might wear dentures. Because we all know that Democrats don’t wear dentures, right?

Trevor Noah never mocked Joe Biden’s dentures, hair plugs and facelift or Hillary Clinton’s veneers. (Images: Pinterest, State Dept file photo)

Noah, who has slammed Trump for commenting on people’s looks, then guffawed: “Think about it: fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan. There’s no part of [Trump’s] body that’s real!”

Realizing that he offended millions of people who use dentures, as well as countless Hollywood celebrities who wear wigs, fake tans and get plastic surgery, Noah backpedaled. He said it’s okay for everyone else to use dentures, but not Trump.

“By the way, there’s no shame in having dentures,” Noah said. “But there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures, because he’s vain as hell!”

Noah then egged his fans on to cyber-bully the president of the United States.

“Can you imagine how he would feel if people started tweeting #DentureDonald?” Noah asked. “Don’t do it! I’m just saying, can you imagine how he’d feel? But don’t do it, guys! He’s very sensitive, okay?!”

That’s hilarious, Trevor! Now do Hillary:

hillary clinton plastic surgery

Hillary looked exhausted in this Twitter photo (l.) but was miraculously fresh-faced months later when a fly landed on her during a presidential debate. (screenshot)

And don’t forget this flashback gem: