Breaking! A smoking gun has been found in the case of social media bias against conservative publishers. This could be HUGE!

In a Twitter thread Tuesday afternoon, OAN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Emerald Robinson, tweeted that she has a source who is reporting that unnamed “NeverTrumper” magazines were paid by “a top internet company to suppress stories of bias against conservatives & Trump supporters.”

VIDEO: If you haven’t seen Diamond and Silk shred members of Congress, please watch this. It will make your day!

Taking no crap from the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, the dynamic duo are fit to be tied over the partisan political bias on the part of Facebook and the other social media giants, especially YouTube, which has demonetized the pair and/or restricted their traffic.

What to do about the social media giants (facebook, Twitter, and Google) censoring conservative speech

We in the conservative blogosphere are being censored, demonetized, and having our traffic intentionally restricted all because we do not agree politically with the liberals of Silicon Valley, who apparently have no regard for the United States Constitution.