VIDEO: Lying for dollars! Trump accusers were paid big money to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct. MSM wants you to forget that. Don’t!

The Democrats and their official communications division, the mainstream media, want you to forget that women accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct are being paid. One was offered $750,000. Another had the mortgage on her New York City apartment paid off.

The new America. Kentucky congressman accused of sexual abuse found dead of apparent suicide, left a heartbreaking suicide note

A Republican congressman from Kentucky, recently accused – that is all, only accused, because that is all it takes – of sexual misconduct, allegedly (NO PROOF! NO EVIDENCE!) kissing and fondling a 17-year-old girl, took his own life rather than face the shame of the allegations.

VIDEO: Matt Laurer abruptly fired for an “accusation” of sexual misconduct! When will people’s lives stop being destroyed by unproven accusations?

Although I would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick than listen to Matt Lauer, and it is poetic justice to see liberal weenies receive a dose of the public suffering they heretofore believed was reserved for conservatives only, I have to wonder when it will all end.