The Democrats and their official communications division, the mainstream media, want you to forget that women accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct are being paid. One was offered $750,000. Another had the mortgage on her New York City apartment paid off. But, nothing to see here folks, move along, right?

Laura Ingraham is not happy to let this outrageous and scummy quid pro quo fade away as a one-time, 15-second sound bite. Here’s hoping that she and Fox stay on this. It is damning evidence that proves that these women are liars.

Lisa Bloom, the ambulance-chasing daughter of Gloria Allread, is representing these women and arranging high-paying mainstream media interviews for them to which she entitles herself 33%.

Bloom, the liberal attorney accused of promising women they would be compensated financially for publicly accusing then-candidate Trump of sexual harassment in the final weeks of last year’s presidential election, has gone on the offense against The Hill reporter John Solomon, calling him a “far-right journalist,” reports BizPac Review.

On Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle, Fox News host Laura Ingraham had Solomon on to defend himself and his reporting.

“At the very least, Bloom engaged in a perverse sort of financial incentive to attract accusers, truth being a perhaps secondary consideration,” Ingraham said before introducing Solomon and playing off of Bloom’s “far-right journalist” moniker.

“If you can’t attack the facts you try to do an ad hominem attack on the reporter,” Solomon said. “The facts are unassailable. Though she said she represented women pro bono, she had a nice way of collecting a 33 percent commission by selling their stories to the tabloids. It’s unassailable that she arranged for donors, possibly related to the election, to pay these women money, and I think at least one of the women described a lot of pressure she felt as the election day got nearer for her to try to come out and make these allegations against Trump. Those are things that are not in dispute.”

Though Bloom insists she wasn’t in contact (read: collusion) with Hillary Clinton herself, she will not answer Solomon’s question, posed several times, about whether or not she was on contact with any Clinton SuperPACs, which is where the “big money is.”

Solomon then went over several of the financial incentives offered to the accusers, including mortgage payments and cash money.

The two then discussed Trump accuser Jill Harth, who reportedly sought a job with the Trump campaign after supposedly being harassed by Trump.

Other than one woman being asked to take down pro-Trump postings from her Facebook page “so that her story would be more believable,”  Solomon isn’t accusing Bloom of necessarily asking the accusers to fabricate the stories against Trump, and has made that clear in his articles.