VIDEO: Steve Bannon has liberal weenies trembling in their Guccis, confidently predicts huge GOP wins in 2018 and a Trump landslide win in 2020

Bannon also believes that the GOP will score a slam dunk in 2018, which I see as problematic for the following reason: Rinos, especially in the Senate! They have been obstructing President Trump at every turn, turning a Republican majority into a frustrating gridlock. Case in point, Obamacare repeal.

VIDEO: Steve Bannon vows to take out the Rino establishment: “It’s a new game in town. We’re Going to Cut Off the Oxygen to Mitch McConnell”

Where Bannon can be most effective in helping to mold the GOP in the image and philosophy of Donald Trump is to promote the purging of congressional Rinos and back Trumpist candidates to replace them, especially in the Senate.

Like deer in the headlights, Republicans in Congress are staring in bewilderment as President Trump goes around them, cutting deals with Democrats

The Republicans did it to themselves. They didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They shot themselves in the face. And now they are staring silently in bewilderment, wondering how the leader of their party could abandon them. Total dumbasses! That’s as kind as I can be.