Not to be tooting our own horn here, but Powdered Wig absolutely nailed the 2016 presidential election as a Trump landslide. Link…. Trump wins in a landslide

I wasn’t shooting from the hip or blindly overconfident. My prediction was based on hard data and gut instinct.

Steve Bannon believes that President Trump will win in another landslide in 2020, and I agree.

Bannon also believes that the GOP will score a slam dunk in 2018, which I see as problematic for the following reason: Rinos, especially in the Senate! They have been obstructing President Trump at every turn, turning a Republican majority into a frustrating gridlock. Case in point, Obamacare repeal.

If the Rino obstruction continues, it will make the GOP appear feckless, unable to accomplish anything. Who is going to vote for that? Still, a few Rinos, like Jeff Flake and fellow Arizonan John McCain are on their way out. Flake almost certainly will be replaced by Trumper Kelli Ward and Songbird McCain will be removed by the most natural attrition, most likely replaced by Governor Doug Ducey with a staunch conservative.

From The Daily Caller

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon predicted on Saturday that President Trump will win the 2020 election with 400 electoral college votes.

The Breitbart News chairman, speaking at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C., predicted the blowout in response to a recent report by Vanity Fair claiming that he has told confidantes that Trump has only a 30 percent chance of completing his first term in office.

“I hate to break the news to [Vanity Fair editor] Graydon Carter and the good folks at Vanity Fair, but President Trump is not only going to finish this term, but he will win with 400 electoral votes in 2020,” Bannon told the audience at the conservative event.

Vanity Fair reported last week that several months ago, when Bannon was still at the White House, he told Trump that his presidency was at risk, not because of impeachment, but because of the 25th Amendment, which allows a majority of the Cabinet to oust a president.

According to Vanity Fair’s sources, Trump was not aware of the clause. The magazine also asserted that Bannon has told associates that Trump has only a 30 percent chance of remaining in office.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November with 306 electoral college votes. Should Bannon’s prediction come true, Trump would become the first candidate since George H.W. Bush in 1988 to receive more than 400 electoral college votes. Bush received 426 electoral votes that year.