Deja vu! First cops on the scene at Pulse nightclub broke in through a window and were prepared to engage the shooter, but were ordered to stand down

Shades of Benghazi. The first police officers to arrive at Pulse nightclub had broken in and were prepared to engage the shooter, but were told to stand down while the shooter continued to murder innocent people.

VIDEO: Terrifying! Two sources reported Omar Mateen to the FBI, but due to the White House “hands off” directive toward Muslims, nothing was done

The Orlando terrorist/mass murderer was reported to the FBI by two different sources weeks before the attack, but nothing was done due to Obama’s “hands off” directive toward Muslims

The Orlando mass murderer was a registered Democrat, a Trump-hater, and a Hitlery supporter. What more do you need to know to decide who to vote for in November?

“Mateen told him he liked Hillary Clinton because he wanted a candidate who could beat Donald Trump in November.”