A friend of Orlando mass murderer/terrorist, Omar Mateen, was suspicious of the Orlando terrorist’s recent activities, especially his sudden interest in the recordings of Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical Islamic cleric. So, he reported Mateen to the FBI, who investigated, but did nothing.

Now it is being reported that a Florida gun shop also reported Mateen to the FBI for his attempt to purchase top quality body armor and bulk ammo several weeks ago. Because the shop was unable to provide surveillance footage or even Mateen’s name, the FBI investigated no further.

Just how much evidence does the FBI need to pursue a clear case of a potential terrorist attack being planned?

The answer to that question came from former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, who told Megan Kelly that the FBI’s hands are tied, that “they can’t go sniffing around anything to do with Muslims,” reporting that those “orders have come down from the White House.”

Both the fact that Omar Mateen’s suspicious activity was reported to the FBI multiple times by two different sources, and they did nothing, is terrifying enough. The fact that the Obama administration has ordered a “hands off” policy to the FBI toward Muslims, even terrorists, is beyond terrifying, and begs another question…. Just how much treason can be committed before a charge of treason is placed?

According to Fox News, “a Florida gun shop owner said that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen tried to buy bulk (ammunition) and heavy duty body (armor) from his shop five or six weeks ago.

Robbie Abell, who co-owns Lotus Gunworks in South Florida, said Mateen was asking about the highest-level body armor.

Abell said the salesman knew that this is “not a question that a normal civilian would ask.”

He said that when Mateen was told the store doesn’t carry that product, he started texting and talking to someone on his cell phone in a Middle Eastern-sounding language.

He then asked about bulk before leaving the store empty-handed.

Abell said staff were concerned, so they contacted the authorities about the shopper’s suspicious behavior. The FBI reportedly asked if they could provide Mateen’s name or image. They had neither, so that was as far as the matter went.”