Max Wig forgot her meds again. She now GUARANTEES President Trump is colluding with Russians. Zero evidence, but she guarantees it

What would we alt media creators do without Max Wig.¬†She’s a laugh a minute, more gaffe-prone than Joe Biden, more unhinged than Chris Matthews, more insane than Nancy Batshit Crazy Pelosi, and more corrupt than Hitlery Clinton. Check that last one. No one is more corrupt than Hitlery!

Max Wig off her meds again, enjoys Jeff Sessions being humiliated, calls him a racist. Sheriff David Clarke sets her straight on who the REAL racist is

Max Wig represents a California district she doesn’t even live in. She lives closer to the beautiful people in Hollywood in a multi-million-dollar mansion, visiting her district for town halls and campaign events.

A dream come true for Republicans! Max Wig declares that she will run for President in 2020 if….

Max Wig, who remembers the Gettysburg address not because she memorized it, but because she was there, has declared that she will run for President in 2020 if Millennials want her to.

My new name for Maxine Waters: Max Wig. Off her meds again, saying President Trump should have been convicted of numerous crimes

Max Wig declared to a New York Times Magazine writer that “there have been numerous times when (President) Trump should have been convicted of a crime.”

VIDEO: Maxine Waters tries to escape angry mob outside her town hall to no avail. Middle fingers and insults are a-flying!

She finally attempted to escape the angry mob through a back door to no avail. They were waiting for her with middle fingers and epithets a-flying.

VIDEO: Angry constituent threatens to have Maxine Waters impeached. Wait. Maxine, is that you?

“I am going to work every day until I get him impeached,” to which the constituent replied, “I’m going to work every day to see that he isn’t and that you’re impeached.”