I have experienced a bit of difficulty lately distinguishing between Maxine Waters and James Brown. Thus, I will refer henceforth to California’s most embarrassing congressperson as Max Brown, which would be a great name for a rap artist. Gender neutral and has a decided ethnic flavor, don’t you think?

Somewhere along Max’s travels in her district recently she was confronted by a constituent, who, although angry, demonstrated a great deal of restraint.

The constituent told America’s most embarrassing congressperson that she had been trying to contact her with no luck, which begs the question that if Max can’t respond to her constituents, whey the hell is she in Washington.

Max’s excuse? “You are just one of 700,000,” as though all 700,000 constituents are trying to contact her all day, every day. She is such an important person!

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I doubt that 1% of Max’s constituents try to contact her in a year, which would mean an average of about 20 messages a day from constituents. Certainly sounds manageable to me. Respond to your constituents, Max. It is what you are getting paid for, you worthless parasite!

Respond to your constituents, Max. It is what you are getting paid for, you worthless parasite!

The constituent asks why Max Brown is constantly talking about impeaching President Trump. Brown replies that Trump is a “dishonorable lying man” who mocked a journalist and “talked about” grabbing women by the private parts, giving the constituent the perfect opening to ask why Max was never concerned about Bill Clinton.

Max Brown became angry and declared, “I am going to work every day until I get him impeached,” to which the constituent replied, “I’m going to work every day to see that he isn’t and that you’re impeached.”

Max Brown’s bizarre response was that “you cannot impeach a woman of color.” Some believe Max said “Congress,” not “color,” but she set the record straight in a tweet later (below).



Nowhere in the Constitution is murder specifically prohibited, either. So, I guess it is OK, right?