VIDEO: Tucker Carlson received a shocking leaked document that raises new questions regarding the largest mass shooting in US history in Las Vegas

Tucker Carlson is asking several new questions concerning Campos and the shooting as a result of the leaked Border Patrol document. The two most important questions are, “What the hell is going on here and why aren’t we being told the truth?”

Where is Jesus Campos? The wounded Mandalay Bay security guard ‘checked into a quick clinic’ minutes before his scheduled press conference. Why?

Now we are being told that Jesus Campos, the first person shot by Vegas madman Stephen Paddock, checked into a “quick clinic” just before his scheduled press conference. Uh-huh, and I’m Napoleon Bonaparte. I looked up “quick clinic,” as I […]

VIDEO: Vegas security guard Jesus Campos, the first to be shot by Paddock, abruptly canceled 5 interviews last night, now missing

So many unanswered questions regarding the Vegas mass murder, which is getting weirder by the minute. It has now reached “bizarre” level and WTF bells are going off all over the place.

THIS is weird! More timeline changes and discrepancies emerge regarding the Vegas mass murder

On the face of it, it looks like the Mandalay Bay and the Las Vegas police are both running for cover, contradicting one another’s timelines to save themselves. One thing is certain, the story is changing hourly.

VIDEO: Professor tells her students that President Trump is responsible for Vegas massacre. Polarizes students, who begin shouting at one another

Our university faculties need a complete overhaul! They are chock-full of leftist morons who feel it is their responsibility to shove their out-of-touch, corrosive political philosophy down the throats of our kids, turning them into mindless zombies, who incidentally enjoy the right to vote.

VIDEO: Vegas victim describes how two young women saved his life. Shares very patriotic words after visit by two special guests

Las Vegas shooting victim Thomas Gunderson is recuperating in a local hospital after being shot in the lower leg by Stephen Paddock. Gunderson described the horror and how two young women, total strangers, pulled him to safety after he had been shot and was unable to walk.

Best pic I have seen so far come out of the Vegas tragedy. Mr. American Spirit!

A symbol of American moxie and defiance, this photo of an unidentified concertgoer at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday night says volumes about America’s  indomitable spirit of fortitude and resilience. 

CBS executive on Vegas victims: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Geftman-Gold posted these remarks in a reply to her facebook page. She and her pals have obviously labeled the shooter a right wing redneck and all the victims “Republican gun-toters.” How do you combat such stupidity? Thankfully, CBS has done the right thing and fired the evil witch for her thoughtless cruelty.

VIDEO: Perpetrator of the worst mass murder in US history identified

Police have identified the perpetrator of the worst mass murder in US history, which happened last night in Las Vegas at a country music concert. Reports so far are over 50 dead, over 400 wounded.