Calling for an emergency session of the AL gov and legislature to order a new election to fill Sessions’ Senate seat with the following strict rules

I believe there should be an emergency meeting of the Alabama governor and state legislature to order a new election, as a thorough audit of the election results is not possible since Alabama uses a corruptible, hackable electronic counting system which has led to questionable results in the past.

The Trump Effect! Now that President Trump has fully endorsed Judge Roy Moore, the rest of the Republican Party has been quick to follow

White House Deputy Press Secretary, Raj Shah: “The President had a positive call with Judge Roy Moore during which they discussed the state of the Alabama Senate race and the President endorsed Judge Moore’s campaign.”

Here come da’ judge! Roy Moore opens up big lead in Alabama Senate race. “Our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!”

Moore is an incredibly popular figure in Alabama politics, known mostly for his stand in support of the Ten Commandments and a pre-session prayer in his courtroom, for which he was sued by the ACLU. Moore eventually won the battle when the Alabama Supreme Court threw the case out.

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson’s story totally debunked. Liberal Media refuses to publish witness reports that exonerate Judge Moore, but we have them here

Judge Moore is clearly innocent of the charges Gloria Allred and her trained seal Beverly Nelson have placed against Judge Moore in the court of public opinion, that horrid place where due process does not exist, the judge and jury are the liberal mainstream media, condemning conservative defendants as guilty until proven innocent, and the punishment is typically a life sentence.

VIDEO: Stepson of the latest Judge Moore accuser says his stepmother is “lying through her teeth”

Nelson’s stepson, Darrell Nelson, says his stepmother is “lying through her teeth” and believes she is doing this for money as she always liked to “live high on the hog.”