Go, Judge! America needs Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat occupied by a hardcore conservative.

President Trump has kept his distance from the Alabama Senate race, which is perplexing. He endorsed Moore’s primary challenger, a race the Judge won handily. Advantage, Moore.

Stopping short of endorsing Moore, for whatever reason, President Trump has been thoroughly anti-Dougie Jones, Moore’s Democrat opponent in the general election.

To make the standoffish relationship even more confounding, Judge Moore has been as ardent a supporter of President Trump and his agenda as can be found, a man who will mirror the President’s philosophy in the upper chamber and vote a straight-line conservative agenda, a Trump ally of the first rank.

So, why has President Trump kept such a distance from Roy Moore? If anyone knows or even has a guess, please comment in the comments section, below.

The good news (and maybe this explains the distance) is that it appears Judge Moore will need no help from anyone in the race for Sessions’ Senate seat.

Moore is an incredibly popular figure in Alabama politics, known mostly for his stand in support of the Ten Commandments and a pre-session prayer in his courtroom, for which he was sued by the ACLU. Moore eventually won the battle when the Alabama Supreme Court threw the case out. He went on to win reelection to his circuit court seat in a landslide. I expect he will do the same in the upcoming (December 12) Senate election.


Roy Moore touted an Alabama Senate poll released Thursday, declaring that “our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!’

The poll, conducted by Atlantic Media and Research, had Moore with an 8-point lead over Democrat Doug Jones.

The election is Dec. 12.

The poll, conducted by Rick Shaftan, was done at the behest of major donors to conservative candidates as well as conservative-leaning super PACs, he said. The poll was first released to Breitbart News and Shaftan also provided a copy of the poll’s findings to AL.com.

The poll has Moore with 48 percent support to Jones’ 40 percent, according to weighted data. That’s an improvement of 5 points since the same firm released a poll last week.

At least four polls have been released this week and all four have put Moore in the lead. The 8-point advantage, however, is his largest lead of the week.

“Despite an unprecedented assault on our campaign by radical liberals, the Washington establishment, and the mainstream media, our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!” Moore posted on his campaign Facebook page.

“And it’s all because of YOU, the best grassroots army of supporters around! We still have much work to do overcoming all the #FakeNews noise being thrown our way, but we know that with supporters like you on our side, nothing can stand in our way. On to victory!

The Jones campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The commentary in the poll finding’s memo appears tailored to its conservative-leaning audience.

“The Moore campaign needs to run a heavy schedule of made-for-TV big rallies to show images of strong grass-roots support to bolster the existing message,” the commentary said. They also need to hit back Jones in earned and paid media on the Democrat’s radical left-wing extremism, blind loyalty to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and bizarre enthusiastic support for taxpayer-funded partial birth and other abortions up to the moment of birth.”

In an interview with AL.com last month, Jones said that he favors no changes to Alabama’s abortion law, which restricts abortions performed after 21.6 weeks gestation to special medical emergencies.

The poll sampled 373 likely voters Monday through Wednesday with a margin of error of 5.1 percent. Poll participants were reached via cell phones and landlines by live operators.

The negative impact of allegations made against Moore alleging sexual misconduct have diminished, the commentary said. Moore’s favorable rating rose to 34 percent from last week’s poll while Jones’ favorables are at 32 percent.

Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Among poll participants who viewed Moore unfavorably, the top reason was the fact that he was twice removed as justice from the Alabama Supreme Court (29 percent) compared to 22 percent for the allegations.

“As the allegations fade, the anti-Moore voter goes back to the same reasons they hated him a month ago,” the commentary said.

The poll interpreted undecided voters as likely to support Moore, saying that 12 percent of conservative-leaning voters say they are undecided compared to 6 percent who are liberal and moderate voters.

“The remaining undecided voters lean right and represent low-hanging fruit for the Moore campaign to pick up in the coming weeks,” the commentary said.


Atlantic Media and Research poll on Alabama Senate race by pgattis7719 on Scribd