The anti-America Schumer Shutdown led to the Schumer Surrender, which is leading to a red wave in November. Bank on it!

The best news of all to come out of the shutdown is that the Democrat Party damaged its already badly-damaged self at the worst possible time, just as the midterm elections are gearing up. This is giving renewed confidence to the Republican Party and its 2020 candidates.

In a high stakes, all-in poker hand with President Trump, Chuck Scummy blinks and folds. Game over! The government is running again

I would love to play poker with Chuck Schumer. I don’t care how much money he has, I would have it all by midnight. House and car too! OK, so Schumer isn’t used to playing with the big boys, thinking he could talk tough and get a big win for the Democrat Party. Perhaps not!

While troops go without pay, Pelosi celebrates with House Dems at a DC restaurant and a taxpayer-funded dinner party, gets scorched on twitter

Nancy “Batshit Crazy” Pelosi is in the mood to celebrate. After the Democrat-driven shutdown of the federal government, meaning our troops are going without pay, Pelosi treated the entire bunch of career parasite Democrats to a nice dinner party at a classy Italian restaurant just blocks from the Capitol.