Diamond and Silk blast Herr Zuckerberg and his flying monkeys for censoring them, preventing their posts and videos from reaching their millions of followers and ensuring that post notifications do not reach their followers.

When the Stump for Trump girls complained about it, Fascistbook told them that the reason they are being censored is because they are “unsafe to the community.”

The powers that be at Fascistbook run an ad regularly on the top of Powdered Wig’s page from one of their liberal, fraudulent fact-checking outfits who claim right on the top of our page that Powdered Wig is a “questionable source” and go on to say other bad things about us. The ad includes a link to the site of the bogus Snopes-like fact-checker. I can’t delete the ad. It is there obviously without my permission.

Fascistbook wants to convince the world that Powdered Wig is a conservative site, which to the liberal haters at Fascistbook means “questionable source” and is encouraging all visitors to my site to stay away.

Our Facebook post reach used to be in the thousands for nearly all posts, the hot ones in the tens of thousands. Now, we are lucky to see 300.

All of the social media giants are controlling the market and pushing their liberal agenda while restricting the free speech of conservatives and Washington doesn’t care enough to get involved, even though it is a well-known fact that it was conservative social media, especially us right-wing publishers who put President Trump over the top in 2016. President Trump even tweeted one of my articles to the world during the campaign.

As Diamond and Silk explain in the video, below, they are attempting to silence conservative voices, especially with the midterm elections only seven months away.

From Diamond and Silk’s facebook page….

Diamond And Silk have been corresponding since September 7, 2017, with Facebook (owned by Mark Zuckerberg), about their bias censorship and discrimination against D&S brand page. Finally after several emails, chats, phone calls, appeals, beating around the bush, lies, and giving us the run around, Facebook gave us another bogus reason why Millions of people who have liked and/or followed our page no longer receives notification and why our page, post and video reach was reduced by a very large percentage. Here is the reply from Facebook. Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 3:40 PM: “The Policy team has came to the conclusion that your content and your brand has been determined unsafe to the community.” Yep, this was FB conclusion after 6 Months, 29 days, 5 hrs, 40 minutes and 43 seconds. Oh and guess what else Facebook said: “This decision is final and it is not appeal-able in any way.” (Note: This is the exact wording that FB emailed to us.)

So our questions to Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) are:

1. What is unsafe about two Blk-women supporting the President Donald J. Trump?
2. Our FB page has been created since December 2014, when exactly did the content and the brand become unsafe to the community?
3. When you say “community” are you referring to the Millions who liked and followed our page?
4. What content on our page was in violation?
5. If our content and brand was so unsafe to the community, why is the option for us to boost our content and spend money with FB to enhance our brand page still available? Maybe FB should give us a refund since FB censored our reach.
6. Lastly, didn’t FB violate their own policy when FB stopped sending notifications to the Millions of people who liked and followed our brand page?

This is deliberate bias censorship and discrimination. These tactics are unacceptable and we want answers!

~Diamond and Silk

Ha! Unsafe for the community. What a hoot! No doubt, because they are such avid supporters of President Trump. In fact that is ALL they are. That is their schtick.

So, on Herr Zuckerberg’s plantation, “Trump supporters are unsafe to the community.” There, he said it, right out in the open, no hiding it, no beating around the bush – Trump supporters are unsafe to the community.