President Trump signs budget to keep the government open, emphasizing that we need more Republicans in Congress to avoid overspending

President Trump was forced to sign a budget to keep the government open two more weeks, emphasizing that we need to elect more Republicans to Congress in 2018 to avoid the Democrat fat in our spending bills. With more Republicans in Congress, the GOP majority can trim the fat without their interference.

Schumer and Pelosi skip a spending meeting with President Trump to avert a gov shutdown. Say they won’t work with him, as though they have a choice

I believe the Democrats are playing checkers and President Trump is playing chess. If and when the government shuts down, the first thing the President and congressional Republicans will point to is this meeting that the leftist imbeciles so arrogantly and disrespectfully failed to attend.

Wow! The Senate is actually getting something done, passing $4 trillion budget blueprint in crucial first step for President Trump’s tax overhaul plan

Senate Republicans powered their budget through Thursday night, adopting a fiscal year 2018 plan that would clear the path to get a massive tax deal done relying only on GOP votes, setting the stage for Republicans next big-ticket agenda item.

House passes smelly budget. A Republican president, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and an overwhelming Democrat victory.

How is this possible? I am speechless. A Republican president, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and an overwhelming Democrat victory. What is wrong with this picture?

Americans are livid over Paul Rino’s liberal budget package. If it passes, I expect President Trump to veto

If this budget passes the House with the help of the duplicitous Rinos, which frankly I do not expect considering the public outrage, I believe President Trump will veto it. I certainly hope so.

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham blasts Paul Rino. “Why is he there? If you can’t put points on the board, you can’t be the quarterback”

Fire Paul Ryan! He is the best friend the Democrats ever had and the worst enemy of We the People. Put Newt Gingrich back in the Speaker’s chair if you want to see President Trump’s agenda become reality.

Democrats are partying like it is 1999 over Paul Rino’s stinking budget plan

Democrats are beside themselves with glee, high-fiving and somersaulting up and down the halls of the Capitol in celebration of what they perceive as a tremendous victory over President Trump and We the People.

If Paul Rino loves it, you know it sucks! Ryan applauding budget bill

You had better count your fingers after shaking hands with Paul Rino, who is actually praising the big government/big spending budget bill that strips nearly every item included in President Trump’s original proposed budget.

President Trump tweets that “our country needs a good shutdown.” Yep!

It is my understanding that the 60-vote rule is a self-imposed requirement in the Senate rules, which can be altered by a simple majority vote.

Huge loss for conservatives. If this is the budget that President Trump plans to sign, I will drop my support for him immediately

Regarding the new budget bill passed by Congress, Democrats are openly celebrating and gloating, Rinos are silent, even though I guarantee you they are toasting and high-fiving in private, conservatives everywhere are downright depressed, and We the People are FUCKED […]

Dropping the hammer on EPA, President Trump slashes the monster’s budget 25%, its workforce 20%

At a 25% budget reduction in the first year of President Trump’s administration, EPA is on track for total elimination in four years.