VIDEO: Another police officer shot and killed by an “early release” gang member, his second murder of the day

The animal pictured is shown being loaded into an ambulance after his second murder of the day when he shot and killed Whittier, California police officer Keith Boyer who mistook him for a human being in need of help.

America wins! The painting hanging in the US Capitol that depicts police as pigs has been ordered to be removed permanently

Clay and a handful of other black Democrat congressmen rehung the despicable painting, and again Republican congressmen took it down. This hang-and-rehang routine went on for days.

83-year old woman dies in the hospital after being brutally beaten and set on fire during home invasion

Meriweather County, GA – As reported by Blue Lives Matter, “Dorothy Dow, 83, was brutally beaten and then set on fire during a home-invasion by a group of four burglars.”

VIDEO: Watch these patriots at the GOP Convention in Cleveland applaud as a column of police officers march past. What are the odds of this happening at the Democrat Convention?

Watch these patriots attending the GOP Convention stand and applaud police officers as they move through the crowd, apparently headed to their assigned duty stations.