Watch these patriots attending the GOP Convention stand and applaud police officers as they move through the crowd, apparently headed to their assigned duty stations.

Bonus: The third tweet below contains the entire schedule of speakers throughout the convention

From Twitchy

CNN’s Brenna Williams posted a fantastic video on Sunday of attendees to the GOP convention in Cleveland applauding police officers and thanking them for their service.

Check it out:

Twitchy exit question: “What are the chances cops in Philadelphia get this response from Democratic delegates when they have their convention at the end of July?”

Powdered Wig’s answer: Slim to none! If there is a favorable response by liberal Democrats in Philly to cops marching to their assigned duty stations to protect them, you can be certain that it is completely disingenuous. Seeing them throw eggs and tomatoes, while chanting some spontaneous invective in concert, while raising both hands in the air to perpetuate the Michael Brown lie, would be far more expected and not at all surprising.

Also from CNN….

Twitchy also provided a complete GOP Convention schedule of speakers. Very impressive! Yonder ’tis….